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Welcome To Trimukhi Devasthan

It is indeed our great pleasure to inform you that with the support of rolex replica all the residents of the village of Ori, located in the scenic and beautiful coastal district of Ratnagiri, it has been decided to repair and renovate the ancient holy temple of God Sri Dev Kedarling, Goddess Mahalaxmi, Trimukhidevi and Panchmukhidevi.


There has been a longstanding demand from all the devotees and tourists to renovate this holy temple into a beautiful piece of rolex replica architechture appealing to all eyes and souls, which radiates the blessings of the deities. As per available records the previous "Jeernodharan" (renovation) took place about 125 years back. Since then there has been only partial work done to the temple but now the renovation has become an urgency for the existence of the temple itself. Earlier the small time renovations were managed through contributions in kind from the local villagers like timber etc.

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